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Teacher Outraged After Finding Student's Back Looking Like This (Photos)

A Chinese mother brutally beat her six-year-old son with a wire hanger for not doing his homework, and now, police have decided not to go forward with charges against the woman.

A teacher at Xiao Bing’s school discovered massive welts all over his back while he was changing for gym class one day. The teacher reported the abuse to the authorities and took pictures of the welts with her phone so that she could prove to them what she discovered.

When police questioned Bing, he told the officers that his mother had beaten him because he failed to do his homework.

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“The boy's mother and father are unhappy about his performance at school, saying that he is a naughty boy who often fails to do his homework and needed to be taught a lesson,” said police spokesperson Hu Ling. “His mother had hit him after discovering that once again he had not done his homework on time.”

Police say that Bing was taken to the hospital to be treated for the injuries he sustained and that they actually looked worse than they really were. The mother was taken in for questioning, but in the end, police decided not to go forward with charges because they felt that giving her a warning not to beat her child so hard in the future would suffice.

According to reports, the photos of Bing’s wounded back were posted online by the teacher because she was angry that police didn’t punish the mother. The teacher says that many Chinese parents put too much pressure on their children to do well in school, and abuse like this is not uncommon.


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