Teacher Orders Students to Slap 12-Year-Old Classmate 40 Times For Not Doing His Homework


A 12-year-old boy in China may never see properly again after his teacher ordered classmates to slap him 40 times for not doing his homework.

“After being slapped, the teacher then made me do push-ups and did not allow me to eat lunch,” said the unnamed boy. The teacher allegedly told the students that whoever made the loudest slap would win a prize.

The boy claims that later on in the day, he realized that he was having difficult seeing out of his left eye.

The boy was forced to undergo surgery to repair the damage done by the slapping, and the boy’s mother says her son’s eye may never work correctly again.

“I didn’t know the damage was so severe,” said the mother. “The doctor had told me my child’s eye might not be cured.”

Reports claim that the teacher, “insisted that the punishment helps pupils progress in class,” but it’s clear that this punishment did irreparable damage.

The school reportedly compensated the family 30,000 Yuan, which is close to $5,000, and the money has already been spent on the operation.


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