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Teacher Realizes Why Quadruplets Are Always Hungry

After almost two decades of neglect and abuse, 20-year-old quadruplets Bianca, Madison, Tiffany and Paris Lucci are now speaking out against their parents and becoming advocates for children placed in foster care.

The girls, born in Beverly Hills, California, reported that their father physically and emotionally abused them throughout their childhood, reports Little Things. Their father regularly withheld food, and the quadruplets would show up to elementary school hungry. Teachers would provide them with food so they could survive.

While the father allegedly neglected his daughters, he doted on his sons, providing them with unwavering affection and care. Their mother left one day, giving no explanation.

"[Our father] didn't care," said one of the quadruplets, reports Diply. "He just ... it was just all about our brothers ... and he hated being around people who did care for us. Because there were a lot."

One day, in the sixth grade, a teacher noticed dried blood on one of the girls' foreheads. When pressed for details, the girl confessed to almost a decade of neglect and abuse. After the authorities were called, the quadruplets were separated, placed in foster care and bounced from home to home. 

Their father would often track the girls down, sending their foster parents threatening letters. Many guardians sent the girls back to Child Services, unwilling to deal with the barrage of threats.

Eventually, in 2011, SCPR reports the sisters settled in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. Despite all odds, they all graduated high school in June 2015, and were four out of 175 high-achieving foster children to receive college scholarships. 

Armand Montie, spokesman for the Department of Children and Family Services, says the graduation rate for foster children is only 60 to 70 percent.

"Those youth did not overcome foster care, they overcame the absence of a parent who would sit with them every day after school and ask 'How was your day and what did you learn?'" he told SCPR.

The quadruplets, in addition to the abuse from their father, were bullied for their familial situation and were told they could not succeed.

"People definitely look down on us and think you're not going to make it out of college and stuff -- we're going to end up in jail, we're going to end up homeless," said Bianca. "But I believe that's not true. As long as you have determination and you work hard in school, you'll achieve your goals." 

Three sisters currently attend Long Beach City College. The fourth, Bianca, attends Humboldt State University and hopes to become an FBI agent. 

All four of them have an active Facebook presence and advocate for the rights of foster children. At the beginning of December, they started a petition protesting the use of trash bags as suitcases for foster children moving within the system.

Sources: Little Things, Diply, SCPRThe Lucci Quadruplets/Facebook / Photo credit: The Lucci Quadruplets/Facebook

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