Teacher Leaves Note In Case Of School Shooting Demise

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A teacher who was killed during the Feb. 14 Florida high school massacre in Florida left his fiancee funeral instructions in case a school shooting ever claimed his life.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School geography teacher Scott Beigel, 35, brought up the subject while watching coverage of a previous school shooting on television, reports the New York Post.

"Promise me if this ever happens to me, you will tell them the truth -- tell them what a jerk I am," Beigel told his fiancee, Gwen Gossler. "Don't talk about the hero stuff."

In a touching tribute, Gossler recalled the conversation on Feb. 18, the day of Beigel's funeral, Fox 8 reports.

"Ok, Scott," said Gossler at Beigel's funeral. "I did what you asked. Now I can tell the truth. You are an amazingly special person. You are my first love and soul mate."

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Beigel was one of 17 people shot and killed at the high school.

The teacher was reportedely trying to protect his students, unlocking his classroom door to let them before attempting to lock it again. Beigel died in the process.

"When he opened the door, he had to re-lock it so we could stay safe, but he didn't get the chance to," said Kelsey Friend, one of Beigel's students, reports the Sun-Sentinel. "He was in the doorway and the door was still open and the shooter probably didn’t know we were in there because he was lying on the floor. If the shooter had come in the room, I probably wouldn't be [alive]."

Loved ones are now paying tribute to Beigel.

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"Mr. Beigel was my hero and he still will forever be my hero," Kelsey added. "I will never forget the actions that he took for me and for fellow students in the classroom. I am alive today because of him."

"If I could see him right now...I'd give him a huge teddy bear to say thank you," she said. "But, unfortunately, I can't do that."

Beigel also worked as a counselor at Camp Starlight in Pennsylvania, a place that praised him as a "friend and hero" on Facebook.

At his funeral, Beigel's father said his son had always been a hero.

"I don’t want Scott's memory to be the horrific moment on that afternoon," said his father, Michael Schulman, Newsday reports. "Scott's heroism was not that instant. Scott's heroism was his entire life."

"The pride and the love and the admiration that I have for my son, there are no words," added Beigel's mother, Linda. "He is so humble, and he never knew the value he had in everybody's life. The school knows he was always committed to whatever it was that he was doing."

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