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Teacher Killed By Mom-In-Law Accused Of Cheating


A 35-year-old Georgia woman was murdered by her former mother-in-law after reportedly being accused of cheating.

Elementary school tear Jenna Wall was found dead inside of a Cobb County home on the morning of June 23, WGCL reports. Police said the woman’s 7 and 8-year-old children were in the home when she was shot and killed.

“It is disturbing to know they were inside the residence at the time the shooting was going on,” Cobb County Sgt. Dana Pierce said.“We were able to get a good bit of info from them. They are safe, they are sound."

The two children were not harmed in the shooting, authorities confirmed. 

Wall’s mother-in-law, 63-year-old Elizabeth Wall, was found in the home and arrested for murder, aggravated assault, possession of a weapon during the commission of a felony and cruelty to children.

“It’s just so bad to do something to a person so nice, and she’s done so much for her kids, and her students, she’s just an all-around great person,” Wall’s former student Ethan Casto said. “I just want everyone to know what a fun-loving lady she was, and how great of a person she was."

At the time of her death, Wall was reportedly divorcing her husband, Jerrod. Her estranged husband wrote in a petition that his wife was involved in an affair with a boyfriend from high school, according to WGCL. She reportedly revealed the affair to Jerrod after filing for divorce. 

“Just thinking what those poor children have witnessed and what they will have to go through for the rest of their lives is sad,” neighbor Linda Davis told WSB. 

An anonymous neighbor told said she knew Wall since she was a teenager, according to WXIA.

“...She used to babysit my children and there wasn’t a day I haven’t seen her out front with her children playing basketball and - just such an involved mom, and just a blessing to our neighborhood,” the neighbor said. 

Sources: WGCL (2), WSB, WXIA / Photo credit: Cobb County via WGCL

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