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Teacher Jonathan Hampton Suspended for Touching Student with Banana

A high school teacher in Florida was suspended for inappropriately touching a female student with a banana as he taught a lesson on Freudian symbolism.

He was lecturing on "cylinder objects, phalluses and/or sex symbols" when he allegedly touched the girl in her head and neck area with the fruit. 

Jonathan Hampton teaches college-level classes at North Marion High School as part of their Magnet program. He was suspended for three days without pay.

His stepfather, who is also an attorney in Florida, said, "According to my son, which has not been reported, he doesn't recall ever touching the student with a banana, but if he did it would be to get their attention.

Others are a little more upset.

"That is disgusting, very disgusting," a grandmother of one student said. "I don't think he should be allowed to teach kids. You don't do stuff like that and get away with it."

The school decided that his lecture was not inappropriate and followed the class's curriculum. 

They did send a disciplinary letter to Hampton, which said his topics often crossed the line "with excessive frequency, causing discomfort to many of [his] students."

The banana incident happened three months ago, but the girl's parents just reported it recently.

He is now back to teaching at the school.

Sources: NY Daily News,Daily Mail


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