Teacher John Webster Sues School After Being Beat Up by First Grader Rodrigo Carpio

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Bullying in schools has been in the headlines quite a bit these days, but a recent story from Queens, New York, sounds almost unbelievable.

Elmhurst school gym teacher John Webster claims that first grader Rodrigo Carpio, 6, fractured Webster's ankle, injured his knee and forced him into psychological therapy.

Carpio also allegedly kicked and pinched the Elmhurst school’s principal, a security officer and another teacher on April 26.

Webster, who recently filed an intent to sue the city, told the NY Post: “It’s sort of like an angel-devil sort of thing. [Rodrigo] looks like an angel, but then, all of a sudden, that halo turns into horns. It’s been a nightmare. It’s embarrassing. It’s humiliating.”

In response, Rodrigo’s dad, Jorge Carpio, said: "The lawsuit is totally absurd. How could my little boy do so much damage? My poor son."

Rodrigo’s dad mom, Josefa Marcia da Silva, also defended her fifty-pound son: "This is a terrible thing to say [about] a child. To every mother, their child is an angel. I know that he has problems, but he doesn’t deserve to be called such names."

Webster, who wears braces on his right ankle and knee, described the attack: "I tried to hold his wrists, and he began biting me. I took him to the principal’s office, and he kicked me in the ankle, and one kick landed right on my knee. I felt a pop."

Webster’s lawyer, Andrew Siben, told the NY Post that school officials were repeatedly warned: "This kid is clearly a tiny terror. It’s sad that teachers like Mr. Webster are not offered protection from someone who can endanger other teachers and students."


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