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'We Got To Touch Dougies Boobs': High School Teacher Poses With Students Grabbing Her Breasts (Photo)

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A Pennsylvania high school teacher is currently in hot water after a photo of two students grabbing her breasts was uploaded to Instagram.

The photo shows Amy Douglas, a science teacher in the Rochester Area School District, and two students in gowns who are each holding one of Douglas’ breasts, according to NY Daily News. Douglas can be seen smirking in the photo with her tongue sticking out.

The photo was quickly removed from Instagram after it was allegedly uploaded by a high school student. The original photo featured both students, although they were later cropped out to protect their identities.

“Everyone be jealous we got to touch Dougies boobs,” the caption read.

The photo was sent to Beaver Countian with the condition that the source not be named. According to the anonymous source, the photo was taken before or after the Grand March prom in May.

Douglas was a chaperone and organizer of the event. Both students were reportedly seniors at the time of the photo and have since graduated.

“The behavior depicted in this photograph does not represent the behavior that we expect from our staff,” Rochester Superintendent Dr. Jane Bovalino said. “It is a personnel issue so I can’t comment further other than to say it is under investigation.”

Douglas was unable to be reached for comment by Beaver Countian. 

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Sources: NY Daily News, Beaver Countain

Photo Credit: Beaver Countain 


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