Teacher Hospitalized After Eating Marijuana-Infused Brownies Found In Teachers' Lounge


A Detroit-area elementary school teacher ended up in hospital after accidentally eating marijuana-infused brownies found in the teachers' lounge.

Investigations are underway after brownies baked with cannabis were found inside the teachers' lounge at Spring Mills Elementary School in Highland Township, Michigan.

On Dec. 8, a teacher became ill and was sent to hospital after the school day had ended. Doctors asked the unnamed 44-year-old if anything unusual happened at school that day. She mentioned the “free treat” that she had eaten at the school, which local police realized contained an unexpected surprise.

"We tested the brownie and it came back positive for marijuana, cannabis inside the brownie," Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard told WJBK. "So obviously you've got some serious charges. You're not only tampering with food, but inducing a drug to the user of that food."

The hospitalized teacher also tested positive for THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. At least two other teachers reported feeling sick after eating the brownies, but they did not seek medical attention.

"She was hospitalized and a couple others also tasted it," Bouchard explained. "They were sickened but maybe did not eat the same number of brownies. Maybe not the same amount. One was taken to the hospital."

Students at Spring Mills Elementary School range from kindergarten through fifth grade. It is unknown whether an adult or a student is responsible for the cannabis-infused brownies. According to WXYZ, school officials are unsure if this incident was intended to be a malicious act or if someone made the brownies for medical purposes and accidentally brought them to school.

A statement from Huron Valley School Superintendent Jim Baker alerted staff to the incident and warned employees about consuming anything from unknown sources. 

"I'm glad a child didn't get to them and consume them," said Kate Lloyd, a parent of a student in the Huron Valley school system. "Being a parent myself, I would be afraid for my child."

Sources: WJBK, WXYZ / Photo credit: WJBK

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