Middle School Teacher Charged With Assault


A Virginia teacher has been arrested after he allegedly wrote the word "focus" on a student's forehead while classmates held him down Sept. 16..

Daniel Board, 46, a math teacher at Landstown Middle School, was not arrested until Oct. 3, WTKR reported.

According to a source close to the news station, Board had several students “hold down” a male student. He then allegedly wrote the word “focus” on the student’s forehead because he was upset that the student was asking questions and not paying attention during class, The Virginian-Pilot reported.

Board is also accused of telling a female student to hit the male student whenever he said something “stupid.” The female student sat behind the male student. The male student was hit at least three times, the source said.

Victoria Mitchell, a Landstown Middle School parent, said she heard similar stories about the teacher from her daughter, Sage.

“I believe it, because with three students witnessing it, I felt there was some truth to it,” Mitchell told WTKR. 

Sage, who is an eighth-grade student at Landstown Middle School, told the news station she’s never had Board as a teacher. However, she’s heard what students have been saying.

"I heard that the teacher actually wrote 'focus’ on the student’s forehead, and picked him up and flipped him upside down," Sage said.

Several parents told the news station they never received any notification from the school about the incident.

"Anytime a teacher is charged, or alleged to have done something like that, it is my wish to have some type of notification," Mitchell said.

Police are currently investigating the incident. Virginia Beach City Public Schools (VBCPS) confirmed that Board submitted his resignation to the school district.

"Board started with VBCPS on Aug. 22, 2016,” VBCPS said in a statement. “He was removed from the classroom and placed on unpaid administrative leave for the course of the investigation."

VBCPS Superintendent Aaron Spence told The Washington Post that the incident was “a painful reminder that harm is not always physical.”

“Without question, this action was humiliating for the student and made him the subject of ridicule,” Spence said. “Certainly, it showed a lack of judgment and empathy on the teacher’s part, and is at odds with our division’s core values.”

Board will appear in court in November.

Sources: WTKR, The Virginian-Pilot, The Washington Post / Photo credit: Merris Badcock/Twitter

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