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Teacher Fired for Working as a Stripper Gets $45K Settlement

Michigan's West Ottawa Public School District will pay $45,000 to a teacher who was fired for working as a stripper during a medical leave of absence in 2006.

Susan Brennan will receive $37,000, and another $8,000 will pay her attorney fees, according to the Grand Rapids NBC affiliate.

Brennand claims when school officials learned she was formerly working as a stripper, they reached an agreement that she could not be retaliated against for her previous employment. But in 2010, she was fired over a number of infractions including failure to use appropriate grading processes and dishonest grading.

In November 2012, Brennan sued the school district claiming they had been giving her bad evaluations ever since they learned about her former profession.

“I realize that I’m not perfect and that I have areas of growth I can work on,” Brennan wrote on her website. “But to purposely sabotage a teacher to fulfill a personal vendetta is wrong. To use the school district’s money to carry out that vendetta is also wrong.”

She added: “Please consider my responses to these charges carefully before you vote to end the career of a dedicated, sincere teacher. I moved to the West Ottawa district three years ago, my three children go to school here, I bought a house here – I have invested everything I have in my life here. All I want is to be able to do my job without the constant cloud that has followed me for the last four years – the threat of termination.”

According to, Brennan worked a strip club called Sensations. She wore a wig and danced under the name Aida.

“I take full responsibility for my actions regarding this matter," Brennan wrote. "It was the single most disastrous, most humiliating and most damaging mistake of my life.”

School district superintendent, Tom Martin, claimed the settlement is far less than a trial would have cost the district.

“What we did do was we settled to avoid an expensive, lengthy trial and bring closure to something that had been going on for a long, long time,” Martin told The Holland Sentinel. “If we didn’t settle, then we would go through a trial that would be very costly.”

Sources: Daily Caller,, Holland Sentinel


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