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Ohio Teacher Fired For Scolding Class Bully

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A teacher in Ohio has been fired from her job after scolding a student for bullying his peers.

Nicole LeMire, a former fifth grade teacher at Glen Oaks Elementary School in Delaware County, Ohio, has been let go from her position after she chastised a student for his behavior.

The student had reportedly been using inappropriate language and blowing mucus on other children.

LeMire also said that the student had pushed another child to the ground.

In response to this, the educator claims she posed a question to the student to help him realize the gravity of his actions.

“I said ‘do you know how your actions and your words are hurting other students and your friends,’” LeMire said. “That’s it.”

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LeMire soon found herself put on paid administrative leave as she was being investigated for “public humiliation.”

On Thursday, the Olentangy Schools board of education voted to terminate her contract.

According to the school board, LeMire had asked students in her class to say how the student had been bad “and/or why (the student) was annoying or had no friends.”

Several supporters of the former teacher were at the board meeting to voice their concerns.

“She’s a natural born educator,” said colleague Marsha Seymour. “She truly has the child’s best interest in mind, no matter what.”

Beth Osterholt, parent of a student whom she claims had been attacked by the child LeMire chastised, stands behind the former teacher’s actions.

“I know my son needed to be stood up for, and [LeMire] stood up for him,” Osterholt said.

LeMire now plans to pursue legal action in response to the decision.

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Source: NBC, ThisWeekNews

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