Teacher Ellie Rubenstein Resigns, Says Everything She Loved About Profession is Gone (Video)

Ellie Rubenstein was a fourth grade teacher at the Lincoln School in the North Shore School District 112. When she learned from a letter from her district that she would be involuntarily transferred to another school, she decided she was fed up with the profession.

She created the video resignation below, to let the world, and her employer, know how teaching has gotten worse over the past 15 years.

Check it out:

"I was proud to say I was a teacher," Rubenstein tells the camera, after describing how she abandoned a career in public relations to "do something meaningful" with her life. "But over the past 15 years, I've experienced the depressing, gradual downfall and misdirection of communication that has slowly eaten away at my love of teaching."

"Raising students' test scores on standardized tests is now the only goal, and in order to achieve it the creativity, flexibility and spontaneity that create authentic learning environments have been eliminated. ... Everything I love about teaching is extinct," she said.

Sources: Huffington Post, Washington Post


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