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Teacher Courtney Jarrell Charged with Raping Female Student (Video)

Courtney Jarrell, a former math teacher and sophomore girls' basketball team coach at Riverton High School in Utah, was charged last Friday with object rape and forcible sexual abuse of a 17-year-old student (video below).

Jordan School District spokeswoman Sandy Riesgraf told KSL-TV that Jarrell, 22, resigned from the school Friday.

Jarrell, who had been teaching at the school for eight months, was suspended after "a complaint about inappropriate behavior."

According to court papers, Jarrell allegedly engaged in illegal sexual activity with the unidentified teen girl in February and March.  Prosecutors say the illegal activity happened at Jarrell's house.

If convicted, Jarrell could serve five years to life in jail. Jarell's attorney said she intends to plead not guilty.

The age of consent in Utah is 17, unless the adult is ten years older than the victim, then the charge is statutory rape. However, the age difference in this case, 17 and 22, indicates it was not statutory rape.

Jarrell is scheduled to appear in court on May 16.

Source: KSL-TV and Current TV


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