Teacher Convicted Of Having Sex With Student Issues Video Apology


A former high school teacher convicted of having sex with a 14-year-old student issued a lengthy video in which she apologizes for her actions. The teacher, 28-year-old Alicia Gray, released the video just hours before she was sentenced to six months in the Alabama state prison system.

The video was produced by Gray’s church, Deeper Life Fellowship. In the video, a soft-spoken Gray apologizes for her actions and for the damage she caused to the young victim.

"I realize I've hurt many people, and I also realize the implications of what I've done," she said. "This situation should have never happened. It should have never happened to you, but God still makes beauty from ashes.”

Gray goes on to say that she is no longer the person she was when she seduced the young student to have sex with her.

“Of course I’m very sorry for my selfish actions and the choices that I made,” she said. But because of her faith, “I no longer have to feel shame about the person I once was. I’m just not that person anymore and I don’t have to live the way I used to live.”

Gray called her actions “inappropriate, selfish, and hurtful.”

"I’m ready for the consequences that should befall me,” Gray said. “I had no desire to drag anyone through (a trial).”

She walked into court hand-in-hand with her husband on the day she accepted a plea deal for her crimes. Gray says her family and church rallied around her with support after her actions were revealed.

In accepting her plea deal, Gray is now convicted of second-degree sodomy, second-degree sexual abuse, and being a school employee who has sexual contact with a student younger than 19. She began serving her six month jail sentence last Friday.

Here is her full video apology:

Sources: New York Daily News, AL.com


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