Teacher Compares Public School to Concentration Camp, Keeps His Job


Ray Fournier, a biology teacher at Fuquay-Varina High School in North Carolina, has been suspended for five days without pay after publicly comparing a public school to a Nazi concentration camp.

According to NewsObserver.com, the Wake County Public School System announced Fournier's suspension last Friday, but added that it “recognizes and respects the First Amendment rights of its employees to free speech in their private lives to the extent the exercise of these rights is not disruptive to students, staff, or the school environment.”

Fournier wrote an article for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine in September which urged Christian parents to pull their students out of public schools.

RawStory.com noted Fournier wrote that a public school is like “a concentration camp dedicated to the spiritual death of those imprisoned behind these walls ... evolution based science classes discredit the reliability of the Bible and get rid of God as Creator ... history classes get rid of God as Sovereign King and demonize Christianity ... English classes reinforce this message through the literature they assign their students to read."

“This deliberate indoctrination encourages students to break each and every one of the Ten Commandments,” claimed Fournier.

If true, the school was encouraging students to kill people, worship false gods and commit adultery.

Fournier also recalled some female students who were "placed inside a spiritual gas chamber. It didn’t take long for the poison to take effect. Within a year’s time, one of them even became a lesbian.”

Fournier never mentioned the name of his own school.

“Mr. Fournier acknowledges that he exceeded his rights by making disruptive statements in materials he wrote and published, and has issued an apology for those statements,” the Wake County Public School System stated.

While Fournier apologized for the concentration-camp remark, he never apologized for his anti-gay statements.

“In the corporate sector, you’d get fired over that, but I guess not in the school-board sector,” Krista Bennett, a parent of a student at Fuquay-Varina High School, told NewsObserver.com.

Sources: NewsObserver.com, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, RawStory.com


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