Teacher Charged With Sleeping With Student Has Tattoo Of Victim's Name


A North Carolina high school teacher accused of having sex with a student has a pretty damning piece of evidence on her body. Michelle Smith White, 37, has a tattoo of her victim’s name and initials. The finding was reported in a Durham Police Department search warrant released on Friday.

White is charged with taking indecent liberties with a student and engaging in a sex offense with a student. White, who until this year taught dance classes at Charles E. Jordan High School, met her female victim in 2012 when the girl was 15 years old. What started out as a friendship quickly turned into a sexual relationship.

The girl’s parents ordered White to stop talking to their daughter in April after learning of the criminal activity. Two months later, the two were still found exchanging text messages. Police got involved in the situation soon after and carried out a search warrant on White’s home, text messages and computers.

At White's home, police found a framed photo of White and the girl. They also uncovered thousands of text messages between the two. White’s husband was involved in the scandal as well, evidenced by a binder full of handwritten notes from him to the teenage girl. Text messages between White and the victim alluded to threesomes and made mention of White’s husband. Police confirmed during the search that White does, in fact, have her victim’s name and initials tattooed on her body along with an image symbolizing the girl.

White has been formally charged by police, but her trial is yet to start. She resigned from her position at Charles E. Jordan High School in April.

Sources: WRAL, My Fox 8


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