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Teachers Drag Autistic Boy Through Hallway (Video)

Teachers Drag Autistic Boy Through Hallway (Video) Promo Image

A horrifying video has shown the moment two Ohio teachers dragged a 7-year-old autistic boy down a hallway (video below).

The video was captured by a surveillance camera in May, after 7-year-old Corbin Kemle had been reportedly misbehaving on the playground at school, according to WJW.

Noreen Mullins, the superintendent of Crestline Exempted Village School District, said that the kindergarten teacher and aide who were seen dragging the young boy through the hallway had been placed on administrative leave.

"We do not condone the type of behavior that is seen in the video," said Mullins, who added Ohio's Board of Education is looking into the incident and "will move forward with disciplinary action."

The boy's mother, Bonnie McKean, posted the video online after the Crawford County Prosecutor's Office decided not to pursue felony charges against the two staff members.

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"I am still in shock," said the mom. "They dragged him. It makes me ill."

McKean argued that the women should at least be charged with misdemeanors for what happened to Corbin, Inside Edition reports.

"No charges were filed against these women," she said. "It's just not good enough."

McKean recalled administrators calling her to the school to say that Corbin had a meltdown, and was kicking and biting. She said when she got to the school, her son was sitting on the floor, "visibly shaken up."

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"He was hiding under a chair," she recalled. "He said, 'I hungry, mommy.'"

McKean said Corbin's doctor had said that he was going through a growth spurt and needed extra food. She had packed his lunch with snacks for him, she said, adding that her son "gets really mean when he doesn't eat."

"They said he had been climbing up a slide backwards and they removed him from the playground," McKean said. She added that trying to restrain the boy while he was upset was not the way to calm him down.

"If you're calm, he's calm," said the mom. "He mirrors your mood back at you like 10 times more."

"There's a fine line between disciplining a child and abusing a child," McKean argued. "This was child abuse."

"He could have fallen, or been hurt while being dragged down the hall," she added. "I don't want any other person's kid to go through this."

Tiffiny Ellenberger, another mother from the school district, said that she has a video of a Crestline school custodian attacking her son, 11, in a school cafeteria in May.

The custodian was charged with misdemeanor assault and Mullins said that he had retired. According to Mullins, all three of the employees who have been accused of misconduct had not had problems in the past.

Sources: Inside Edition via WTXF, WJW / Featured Image: Russ/Flickr / Embedded Images: Inside Edition via WTXF, Rob Wall/Flickr

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