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Teacher Arrested After Dragging Daughter By The Neck

An Alabama PE teacher was arrested after she was caught on video grabbing her daughter by the neck and dragging her (video below).

The incident occurred on Aug. 27, 2015 at Hoover High School, in Birmingham, reported. Lori McCombs had just learned that her daughter was not going to be able to attend a track meet the following day due to an injury. obtained surveillance video of the moment McCombs rushes at her daughter, grabs her by the neck and drags her into another room. Shane Shears, who is representing McCombs’ daughter, called the recording "pretty shocking.”

"Everybody that has seen it has come away with the same conclusion,” Shears told

McCombs’ daughter filled out the necessary paperwork to have her mother criminally charged. McCombs was arrested in May on third-degree domestic violence charges and is no longer the teenager’s legal guardian.

"It's astounding to me that, based on what happened, she continues to work there,'' Shears added. "The concern everybody has is that Hoover City Schools has not taken any action relative to Lori McCombs for this school year. That has made some parents and some students very nervous."

A petition on has been started to have McCombs terminated from Hoover High School. It’s garnered more than 600 signatures in two weeks.

"Teachers that verbally and physically abuse children or bully them in any way have no place in the education system, especially working with special needs children who are unable to defend themselves,” the petition states. “Please do not allow McCombs to continue to work in the Hoover City School system in any capacity."

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Brett Bloomston, McCombs’ lawyer, said the woman’s daughter was "disruptive, disrespectful and violent in her behavior."

"What we have here is a minor child with a serious behavioral issue, and because of financial motives to implicate the School Board in wrongdoing, Lori has been subjected to false allegations, allegations against a good mother and well-respected teacher,'' Bloomston said.

“All we see caught on tape is a few seconds of activity in the camera's view,'' Bloomston said in response to the video. "It does not show what prompted a mother to discipline her child. That's unfortunate that we don't have any more surveillance or audio on what transpired before those few seconds."

This isn’t the first violent incident involving McCombs and a student at Hoover High School.

On Jan. 29, McCombs allegedly grabbed another student by the wrist and pulled her out of the girls’ locker room because she wasn’t getting “dressed out” for PE class fast enough. That case was dismissed in April by a city judge.

McCombs has been removed from Hoover High until after her court case. She will appear in municipal court on Sept. 7.

"We respect the right of due process for both students and employees,” Hoover City Schools' spokesman Jason Gaston said in a statement. “We continue to work toward a resolution in this case and cannot elaborate any further due to its legal nature."

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