Teacher Caught On Camera Abusing Four-Year-Old Girl (Video)


Police in Korea are investigating surveillance video that reportedly shows a kindergarten teacher abusing a four-year-old girl because she didn’t eat all of her food.

Reports say that the incident took place at a school in Songdo, Incheon, and in the disturbing video, the teacher can be shown hitting a four-year-old girl so hard that she fell to the ground hard. The abuse allegedly happened because the teacher was angry that the girl didn’t eat all of her food.

“We were tipped yesterday that a kindergarten teacher, whose last name is Yoon, beat a student,” a police officer disclosed to The Korea Observer. “We are examining the CCTV footage from the kindergarten to check whether it was an isolated case or the physical abuse occurred on other occasions as well.”

Yoon, 33, slapped the little girl with an open hand and used so much force that she was knocked to the ground. After being hit, the four-year-old collects the food that she previously spat on the floor and begins to eat it.

Police say that the teacher could face child abuse charges.

Source:The Korea Observer


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