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Teacher Breastfeeds Baby In Classroom Full Of Students

A high school teacher in the small rural town of Poyen, Arkansas, is reportedly breastfeeding during class.

A student who asked to remain anonymous told FOX16 that the teacher has been bringing her infant to class periodically after returning from maternity leave.

The baby reportedly constantly cries and is disruptive to the class. The teacher also breastfeeds the infant in the back of the classroom, with students present.

"It's a distraction especially since we have a bunch of teenage boys in there,” the student said.

The school superintendent said teachers are allowed to bring their children to school in emergency situations, but called this particular matter personal and declined to comment further.

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While the one student has taken issue with the teacher bringing her baby to school, other students think it’s not a problem.

“The baby just lays back there and plays with it's toys, every now and then it may cry, but she goes back there and takes care of it,” said student Tyler Rhodes.

"I mean it's a cute baby and I don't think it's a distraction at all,” student Chase Rhodes said.

SheKnows columnist Monica Beyer applauds the school for their policy of allowing the teacher to bring her baby to work.

Beyer wrote that the superintendent “recognizes that working moms need more flexibility, and this creates a better relationship between a dedicated teacher and her employers, which in turn allows her to be a better teacher.”

The superintendent said if parents or students have concerns over the matter they can talk to him.

A spokeswoman for the Little Rock School District said they do not have a specific policy in place, but it is “expected that teachers would not bring their children to school.”

Sources: FOX16, SheKnows / Photo Source: FOX16


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