Teacher Asks Kids To Create ISIS Propaganda Poster

Staff at a high school in Salem, Utah, apologized to parents after a teacher asked kids to design an ISIS propaganda poster for a homework assignment.

Annie Langston said she couldn't believe her daughter Mikalia was serious when she saw the 14-year-old working on a recruitment poster for the terrorist group, Fox 13 reports. 

"My initial response was, 'There's no way you're going to do this assignment,'" Langston said.

But Mikalia had completed most of her homework by then: The words "Join ISIS!" were written in large bubble letters above a drawing of the Islamic State group's flag, complete with reproduced Arabic. Langston told her daughter to tear up the assignment.

The Salem mom said she was disturbed that the assignment prompted students to research ISIS on the Internet. Graphic photos and videos of the group's deeds, such as setting victims on fire, beheadings and more, were just a few clicks away.

Langston wrote to her daughter's teacher and the principal at Salem Junior High School. She told Fox 13 she received a prompt response from the principal apologizing for the potentially offensive homework assignment, noting the assignment had been "canceled."

"They’ve sat down with this particular teacher, and it has been taken care of," Langston said. "The assignments that have already been turned in, they have been shredded."

Nebo School District Communications and Community Specialist Lana H. Hiskey said in a statement:

Salem Junior High recently learned from concerned parents of an assignment regarding extremists use of propaganda to spread untruths and misunderstandings. Upon learning of this assignment, the administration reviewed the concerns with parents and teachers. After consultation, the assignment was immediately withdrawn. If parents have any concerns, please call the administration at Salem Junior High.

Source: Fox13 Utah / Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

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