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Teacher Arrested for Wearing Only Ski Cap, Goggles

Marc Mertz, a forestry teacher, was recently arrested at his Walpole, Mass. home for allegedly walking around his driveway wearing only a ski cap and goggles.

Mertz, who teaches at Norfolk County Agricultural High School, was allegedly caught by a woman passing through the neighborhood.

The unidentified woman reportedly saw Mertz last Wednesday morning wearing a ski cap, goggles and a towel, but when she drove past him a second time, he was only wearing the ski cap and goggles, notes

For his part, Mertz claims that he always wore his towel, but a second female witness allegedly saw him unclothed two hours later.

According to WCVB, the second witness told police that Mertz made no attempts to cover himself and thrust his hips as she drove by.

WHDH reported that the second witness called 911 and stated: “There was just a nude man walking down his driveway. He’s got a ski cap on and no clothes. I don’t know if he’s still there or not but I just saw him, very weird. I don’t know who he is or if he lives there or what he does, but all I know is this guy was stark naked."

Mertz has been charged with lewdness and disturbing the peace.

Sources: WHDH, WCVB,


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