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Alabama Teacher Arrested After Allegedly Having Sex With High School Student

A former teacher at an Alabama high school has been arrested and charged with engaging in a sex act or deviant sexual intercourse with a student under the age of 19.

Andrea Elliott Means, 28, was reportedly accused of having sex with the student off school grounds in March 2013.

An investigation into the incident began during the week of Jan. 4 after a resource officer overheard a rumor circulating in the school that Means had engaged in sexual intercourse with a male student, WBRC notes.

Means resigned from her post Jan. 8, a move which the Etowah County Board of Education accepted at an emergency meeting.

“It is our desire that all our students are in a safe, secure learning environment and it's obviously very disheartening that an incident like this would happen,” Etowah County Superintendent Alan Cosby told WBRC.

Means taught science at Southside High School and is married with one child.

“It's a very serious crime," Natalie Barton of the Etowah County Sheriff's Office said. "Any time you take advantage of someone who is younger than you, any time you break the law, you know, it's a serious situation. It is a conscious decision that she made. Something that is very saddening for someone our community is supposed to have full trust in."

Sheriff Todd Entrekin agreed.

“This type of ridiculous behavior is completely uncalled for by someone who is trusted by the community to teach our kids,” he told “Her job was to educate and encourage students to pursue their dreams and goals, not use them for her personal pleasure.”

Means was booked into the Etowah County Jail before being released on a property bond of $10,000.

A date for her next appearance in court was not reported.

Sources: WBRC, / Photo credit: Etowah County Jail via WBRC, WHNT

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