New Jersey Prison Teacher Arrested For Having Sex With Convicted Murderer


A teacher for the New Jersey Department of Corrections has been fired and arrested after authorities discovered she had sex with a convicted murderer more than 20 times in prison and became pregnant twice.

Chong-Hwa Chang, 42, was arrested on Jan. 31 after authorities discovered she was having an affair with convicted murderer Rashid Walker at the New Jersey State Prison, where she taught basic adult education for nine years. The relations between Chang and Walker were consensual, but because Chang works for the Department of Corrections, prosecutors are charging her with sexual assault.

Walker was not one of Chang’s students at the maximum security prison, according to The Trentonian.

Chang was fired from her position soon after being arrested.

When prosecutors received a tip about Chang’s affair with Walker, they obtained a warrant to search Chang’s New Jersey home where they uncovered a journal outlining details of the pair’s sexual relations.

In the journal, investigators read that Chang had gotten pregnant twice by Walker. One pregnancy was aborted and the other ended in a miscarriage, The Trentonian reported.

Walker, 35, was convicted of shooting 23-year-old Javid Patel, the manager of a laundromat, during a 2004 robbery. He is serving a sentence of 60 years for Patel’s murder.

Chang is being held on $50,000 bail after a judge reduced it from $75,000 at a hearing on Feb. 11.

Sources: New York Daily NewsThe Trentonian / Photo credit: New York Daily News

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