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Teacher Arrested After Letting Student Pierce Her Ear During Class

A woman who used to teach at Northern York County High School in Pennsylvania is facing charges for allowing a student to perform body piercings in class.

April Beard, 34, allegedly allowed a student with a body piercing kit to pierce Beard's ear and also allowed that student to pierce another student's belly button. 

Beard is being charged with endangering the welfare of children and corruption of minors. 

She was a family and consumer science teacher, and did not return to teaching after the April 16 incident. Beard resigned a month later.

Robert Daniels, Beard's attorney, said she is a good person and teacher who recognizes her "lapse of judgment."

The incident reportedly happened when Beard took a few students into a project room, leaving the rest of the class in the main room. Then Beard had the student pierce her ear three times and pierce another student's belly button.

"Obviously it's a big concern," Chief Sean Kapfhammer said. He said there was not only no parental permission for the piercing, but there was also the risk of spreading diseases through the blood. 

Sources: Fox News, Daily Mail


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