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Teacher Addresses Student's Letter To 'Hiliar' Clinton (Photos)

Teacher Addresses Student's Letter To 'Hiliar' Clinton (Photos) Promo Image

A Pennsylvania middle school teacher apologized for misspelling former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's name on a letter from one of his students.

According to WGHP, 11-year-old Mary Reinard wanted to write a letter to Hillary Clinton, so she asked her teacher, Benjamin Attinger, to help her address the letter correctly.

Attinger reportedly addressed the letter and sent it home with Mary. However, rather than correctly addressing it, he spelled Clinton's first name as "Hiliar."

Mary's mother, Shannon, said she thought upon seeing the letter, "Where's the 'Y?'"

"Then I'm looking and wait a minute... I was just [like], 'Are you serious right now?'" the mother added.

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Mary's father, Shawn, said, "I thought it was funny until I saw my little girl get upset and start to cry."

The parents said that Hillary Clinton is Mary's idol and that the teacher's misspelling of her name upset her.

According to USA Today, Attinger said that the misspelling was "kind of a joke."

"He can write a letter himself and call her a liar," Shannon said. "Don't channel it through my 11-year-old daughter."

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"Whether I agree or not, you keep that out of school," Shawn added. "His student asked him for help, and he failed as a teacher. At minimum he owes my little girl a public apology."

The teacher later apologized to Mary and her parents for what he did.

"I'm not going to argue with him," Shannon said. "I'm just going to accept his apology and move on."

The family's story was shared by local news outlets before being picked up nationally. It eventually reached Hillary Clinton's daughter, Chelsea Clinton.

The former first daughter shared a link to the story on Twitter and wrote, "If anyone knows how to reach Mary Reinard's parents, please let them know I'm happy to hand-deliver Mary's letter to my mom."

She eventually reached out to Mary's parents. Chelsea Clinton and Shannon spoke via Twitter through direct messages and confirmed that the letter had the correct address. Chelsea told the mother that Hillary Clinton would be "looking out for it."

"So I've been in contact with Chelsea Clinton and it's unreal," Shannon said.

"I think that's awesome," Shawn said. "I think that is the most amazing thing that could have happened."

The parents said that they are not angry with Attinger for what he did.

"I absolutely don't think he should lose his job," Shawn said. "He shouldn't get in any trouble. It was an honest mistake, a stupid mistake, one that shouldn't have happened."

Sources: WGHPUSA Today / Featured Image: Gage Skidmore/Flickr / Embedded Images: Robert Inglis/AP via USA Today, WGHP

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