Teacher Allegedly Slams Student's Hand In School Doorway


Nancy Nesbitt, a ninth-grade student at Jefferson Davis High School in Montgomery, Alabama, has been left with broken fingers after her teacher allegedly slammed her hand in a door.

Nesbitt and her mother, Loletha Iverson, told WSFA that the trouble began when another student was seen copying from Nesbitt’s paper in class. The teacher then crumpled Nesbitt and the other student's papers, and kicked them out of the classroom. Nesbitt protested and attempted to enter the classroom again to retrieve her belongings.

“... when she went to go back in, he pushed her back out the door,” Iverson said. "She kept trying to explain to him that she was trying to get her stuff. I guess he didn't want to hear that. He was already mad. Every time she tried to go in, he pushed her out and then he finally slammed the door."

“It was slammed with so much force that it broke the skin and she was bleeding,” Iverson added.

Nesbitt’s fingers were broken, and the cuts on her hands required stitches.

“She was rocking back and forth and crying,” Iverson said. "I was angry."

Officials from Montgomery Public Schools told WSFA that video footage of the incident was reviewed and it was ruled an accident. Still, Iverson believes the teacher should be fired. 

"He had no business putting his hands on my kid," Iverson said. "I don't want to see another child or family have to go through this.”

Source: WSFA / Photo Credit: Screen Capture via WSFA


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