Teacher Allegedly Gets Drunk, Goes Pantless At School

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Lorie Hill was arrested by Wagoner, Oklahoma, police on Monday for allegedly being drunk and not wearing pants at Wagoner High School.

This was Hill's first day at work after being hired by the Wagoner Public Schools. The other teachers were returning for their first day after summer break.

Hill was found by two teachers in an empty classroom, which she claimed was hers.

“They didn’t know who she was, she was apparently new and was supposed to start yesterday,” Wagoner Police Chief Bob Haley told FOX23. “When our officers interviewed her she did admit to having had some vodka yesterday morning before she came to school.”

An empty cup smelled of vodka in Hill's car, but police could not prove that the new teacher had been driving under the influence. Hill was charged with public intoxication, notes CBS Houston.

The Wagoner School District would not comment on Hill, but she was arraigned in court, and released from custody on Tuesday.

Sources: FOX23, CBS Houston


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