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Teach Kids Guns Are Fun Like Water Pistols, Says Gun Owners of America (Video)

Appearing on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ Internet program last week, Gun Owners of America director Larry Pratt (pictured) advocated teaching children that "having a gun is as much fun" as "shooting your buddy with a water pistol."

Jones, who shares Pratt's wild claims that the U.S. government is trying to confiscate all guns under President Obama, said that pro-gun advocates need to go on the offensive (video below).

According to, Pratt advised: “I think we have to push back in whatever smart way we can do to make sure that kids see, 'Yeah having a gun is just as much fun as you thought it was when you were shooting your buddy with a water pistol yesterday.'”

Jones, who lives in Texas, added: "I'll tell you what's fun about it is low crime and sleeping good at night!"

However, in 2011, Texas was second in the nation, behind California, in the number gun homicides with 699, noted The Guardian.

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