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Gun Giveaway Planned By Tea Party Candidate Clint Didier

Tea Party Republican and former NFL player Clint Didier is planning to give away three guns as part of his campaign for U.S. House of Representatives.

Hoping to unseat Republican Rep. Doc Hastings, Didier is asking supporters to submit names, zip codes and email address to enter to win one of three guns – two pistols and an assault rifle.

Didier says the “Freedom Fighters Gun Giveaway” demonstrates his unflagging commitment to the Second Amendment, the Seattle Times reports.

“As a farmer, I like to think my campaign is sowing the seeds of freedom,” his campaign website reads.

“That freedom must be nurtured, but it also must be defended. In fact, it’s our duty and a God-given right,” it says. “The Second Amendment is the one that protects and guarantees all of our other freedoms.”

He will give away two Ruger 3200 LC9’s and a DB-15 S (AR-15) with a 30-round clip and ammunition.

The campaign plans to hold the drawing “when we receive 10,000 LIKES on Facebook and/or FOLLOWS on Twitter OR on INDEPENDENCE DAY, whichever comes first.”

The Facebook page currently has 1,650 likes and Didier’s Twitter has 1,276 followers.

Democratic opponent Estakio Beltran questioned whether giving away guns is wise in light of the June 5 shooting at Seattle Pacific University.

“I am a strong upholder of the Constitution and fully support the Second Amendment rights of all Americans,” Beltran told the Tri-City Herald. “However, as a congressional candidate, I am sensitive to the grief that many here in Washington may be feeling as a result of recent tragedies.”

Shooting suspect Aaron Ybarra, 26, killed a 19-year-old freshman and wounded two others.

Sources: New York Daily News, Seattle Times


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