Taylor Swift Shocks Family With $15,000 Donation After Firefighter Saves His Own Family

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Taylor Swift is known for her altruistic actions, particularly when it comes to her fans. But her latest reported act of kindness and generosity involves a firefighter and his family after the nation — and the singer — learned he rescued his wife and son from a horrible car crash.

Aaron Van Riper, a firefighter from Texas, reportedly responded to a head-on collision in Huntsville on Saturday afternoon — only to discover that the victims included his wife, Amber, and his 7-year-old son, Jonathan, reports CBS News.

Van Riper's family was airlifted the hospital where Amber underwent surgery to repair a broken pelvis and Jonathan was treated for several fractures. Both mother and son are expected to have to use wheelchairs for a few months, The Blaze reports. Van Riper lacks health insurance and the family is having trouble covering their medical bill — which is where Swift comes in.

The star reportedly "favorited" their story on Twitter:

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Just a few hours later, a donation of $15,000 was received on the family's GoFundMe page — and it was signed "Taylor Swift."

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Swift's publicist reportedly wouldn't confirm whether the singer was responsible for the donation. Regardless, Robin Davis, a family friend who set up the fundraising page, posted the following message of gratitude on her Facebook page: "I awoke this morning to see this ... THE TAYLOR SWIFT contributed $15,000 to my dear friends Amber Keeler VanRiper, John Bear and Aaron VanRiper!

"Truly amazing that a celebrity saw their story and decided to act upon it," the message continued. "Thank you God for moving her heart to do so."

Sources: CBS News, The Blaze

Photo Credit: taylorswift/Instagram


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