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Tax Warrants Issued For 7-Year-Old Indiana Girl, Mom Says

An Indiana mother says her 7-year-old daughter is wanted for owing back taxes. 

Chynna Beckley, of Pike County, Indiana, said recently that her daughter, Cadance, has had as many as five tax warrants issued in her name in the last three years. A sixth was issued this week, WFIE News reports. 

According to her mom, Cadance has been receiving military benefits since the girl’s father was killed in a car accident near Indiana’s National Guard base, Camp Atterbury, before she was born. 

Beckley said that, because she was not married to the girl’s father, her name is not listed on her daughter’s account. For that reason she has not been able to pay the money owed to the state of Indiana or the Internal Revenue Service.

It’s a problem that Beckley says she has tried to resolve, but claims she hasn’t been able to get anyone to talk to her about adding her name to Cadance’s account. 

It puts the 7-year-old in the strange of position of being threatened with a lien, and possibly jail, her mother said. 

“She obviously has no belongings,” Beckley told WFIE. “So the only next thing is that they would arrest a 7-year-old child, because she’s in the hole $463.”

WFIE did not report speaking with the Pike County Sheriff’s Office, the agency that issued the warrants. 

But one possible explanation for the 7-year-old child’s warrants is that no one at the office is aware they are being sent out. 

According to a website for the Evansville, Indiana, company Lieberman Technologies, Pike County is one of many Indiana counties using Lieberman’s Automated Tax Warrant System, which boasts automated generation of taxpayer notifications. 

But Beckley did tell WFIE she had finally spoken to a person at the State Attorney General’s Office who requested a death certificate for Cadance’s father. Beckley said she is hopeful that by providing that she can get the issue resolved.  

Sources: WFIE News, Lieberman Technologies: ATWS / Photo credit: WFIE News


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