Tattooist Illegally Inks Young Girl, Spells 'Belleve' Instead Of 'Believe'


An amateur tattoo artist has been sentenced to eight months in prison for illegally tattooing a 13-year-old girl. The tattoo artist, Jackson Rowsell, was further humiliated when it was revealed he misspelled the word he inked on the young girl, writing “Belleve” instead of “Believe.”

Rowsell pleaded guilty in Australian courts to causing actual bodily harm, tattooing a minor, unlicensed tattooing and tattooing on unlicensed premises.

City officials were understandably upet when they learned of Rowsell’s illegal work. They were further enraged when they learned Rowsell “cleaned” the girl's neck with Jack Daniels before starting the tattoo.

A Portsmouth City Council member said the victim “made a spur of the moment decision to go to Rowsell’s home in a taxi, after contacting him through Facebook. She said he tattooed her despite being told her age and that she did not have her parents’ permission. Before tattooing her he sprayed her skin with what appeared to be Jack Daniels whiskey.

“The resulting design ‘looked awful and amateurish,' she said, and the experience left her frightened that she had contracted a disease. She needed monthly blood tests and injections in case of infection, before eventually getting an all-clear.”

The victim’s mother called Rowsell’s actions “absolutely disgusting.”

"It's not spelt right, it's smudged, it's absolutely awful,” she told Mirror. "The whole family has been affected by this. There are the health issues. She had to wait for test results for HIV and hepatitis.

“Children make mistakes. Adults are supposed to take responsibility. He took our power away completely and now our daughter is scarred for life for £20.What he has done is absolutely disgusting. It caused mayhem in our home.”

Sources: Metro, Mirror

Photo credit: Mirror, Flickr


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