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Tattoo Artist Wanted By NYPD For Alleged Savage Beating Of Girlfriend

New York tattoo artist Dakota Bond, 38, allegedly beat his girlfriend until she was unrecognizable, and has been on the run from police for the nearly four months following the attack.

The victim, Alexandra Rose Johnson, 22, has launched a social media campaign to find Bond and bring him to justice.

Bond, the former owner of Morning Star Tattoo, allegedly went to see Johnson on her first night of work at a heavy metal bar in Brooklyn “extremely drunk” and repeatedly asked her to leave her shift 30 minutes early. Johnson refused to leave and Bond’s anger over the situation came out when the couple arrived home in the early morning.

Johnson claims Bond repeatedly punched her in the face.

“He started to punch me over and over all over my face, and I went into shock for a minute because I have never been hit that hard in my life,” Johnson wrote. “I was confused, and yelled that he was hurting me, but all he did was hit me harder. I screamed for help from his neighbors, but then Dakota started to shove socks down my throat and choke me to shut me up.

“He chained my hands and feet together, and I remember they were so tight I couldn't feel my hands anymore. He punched the same part of my skull over and over so many times, hitting as hard as he could. I ended up getting a really bad concussion from that … I pretended to pass out, thinking he would let up but instead he pushed down on my throat and said ‘Good. Die.'"

Bond allegedly then whipped Johnson with a chain across her stomach, nearly lacerating her kidney. He also pulled a knife on her and had a loaded gun.

Johnson distracted Bond by throwing a glass of water in his face and then ran out of the apartment to the nearest subway station, where the guard called 911.

Johnson claims she called 911 twice from the apartment but since she was unable to speak in front of Bond, she just left the phone call connected so the dispatcher could hear what was happening. The police never came to the apartment.

Photos were taken by Johnson of her injuries but she initially did not share them publicly, reports The Daily Mail. Now that Bond has threatened her, had her followed, and allegedly tried to kick down her door recently, she has gone public.

Whether Bond is in New York or has left the state is unknown to police.

Johnson believes mutual friends of hers and Bond know where he is hiding but will not release the information.

“I’m sick of hearing that people think he is excused for his actions for any reason, that I 'ruined' his life, when in actuality he got away with near f****ng murder,” Johnson wrote. “If he had any solid backing to what he did, then why leave the state instead of defending yourself? Because there is no defense for what he did (to me and to other women) and it really is that black and f****ng white.”

Bond has a long criminal record, including offenses for robbery, assault and criminal mischief. In Oregon, 10 cases were brought against him and he served 18 months in prison. There were also 10 cases in New York but the details are sealed.

Bond sold Morning Star Tattoo and its business Facebook page is awash with hate-filled reviews referring to what Bond allegedly did to Johnson.

“These people support brutality against women and try to discredit victims of violence with disgusting slut-shaming rhetoric,” wrote one Facebook user.

“You're despicable,” another user wrote. “How can you POSSIBLY sleep at night calling the girl that Dakota beat within an inch of her life a prostitute? I will make it my life's mission to see that you go out of business.”

Morning Star Tattoo has shut down its website and is now doing business under the name Bushwick Tattoo.

Johnson’s Facebook posts have been shared more than 140,000 times and numerous online outlets have picked up the story to assist in finding Bond.

Sources: The Daily Mail, Alexandra Rose Johnson/Facebook

Photo Credit: The Daily Mail


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