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Tattoo Artist Charged With Racist Graffiti Survives Self-Inflicted Gun Shot To Head

Remember Raymond Stevens, the Concord, New Hampshire tattoo artist caught writing bigoted and degrading graffiti messages on the homes of African immigrants in his community?

He was hospitalized last week after he tried to take his own life.

According to Concord court officials, Stevens went to a local graveyard last week and put a bullet through his head. He miraculously survived the suicide attempt and was taken to Concord Hospital before being transported to a Boston medical center. His current condition is not known.

Steven’s public defender, Melinda Siranian, declined to comment on the shooting. Two concord law enforcement officials told the Concord Monitor that police officers were tipped off to Steven’s location by his wife.

Stevens was out on bail at the time of the shooting. He was indicted by a grand jury on October 17 on a felony charge of criminal mischief. Court Attorney Scott Murray told confirmed that Stevens violated the terms of his bail agreement by possessing a firearm. 

Murray did not say whether officials would pursue an additional contempt of bail charge against Stevens. Prosecutors have called for Stevens' bail privileges to be revoked since he violated the terms of his release.

It is not known at this time whether Steven’s injuries will affect previously scheduled court hearings. Stevens, an active member in several white supremacy groups, is charged with causing damages in excess of $1,500 to four homes occupied by African immigrants over the last few years. A two year investigation by Concord police found Stevens to be responsible for writing messages like “The sub-humans in this house are enjoying a free ride,” and “Go back to your hell and leave us alone,” on the homes of the families.

In convicted of the crime, Stevens faces up to 30 years in prison due to a state statute prohibiting hate crimes. 

Sources: Raw Story, Concord Monitor, AP


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