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Tattoo Plays Woman's Late Grandmother's Voice (Video)

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A Chicago woman got a tattoo that plays her late grandmother's voice (video below).

Upon scanning her left collarbone tattoo with an app, singer Sakyrah Angelique can hear a happy birthday voicemail from her grandmother whenever she wants to, reported Daily Mail.

"My grandma passed away my junior year of high school," Angelique tweeted. "A month before she passed, she left me a voicemail wishing me happy birthday. Today I got that exact waveform tattooed across my heart, and I am able to play it just by holding my camera over it."

The touching, high-tech tattoo has since taken the internet by storm.

"This is one of the dopest tatts I’ve ever seen," tweeted one person in response. "Great way to preserve her memory."

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"Omg this made me cry, i love it so much," added another. "May your grandma rest in peace."

"By far the most beautiful thing I’ve seen all year," chimed in a third.

Even those who are not usually fans of tattoos were moved by Angelique's inked tribute.

"I'm not usually keen on tattoos but what a great & unique way of remembering a loved one," wrote one woman in HuffPost's comments section.

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Angelique was amazed by the attention, adding she is convinced it was divinely orchestrated.

"This is literally my grandma looking out for me," she later tweeted.

For three years, Angelique had held onto the voicemail, unsure what to do with it -- until she learned about technology company, Skin Motion.

For $39.99 per year, Skin Motion allows users to upload an audio file and tattoo the soundwave pattern it produces on their bodies.

The website then saves the file as an image so it can later recognize it when customers scan the tattoo with an app.

As a result, users can play up to 30 seconds of the audio whenever they want to.

Customers use the software for a variety of reasons. While some, like Angelique, want to record a deceased loved one's voice, others have used it hear their family's voices when they are away.

"I chose to get my family saying 'I love you' for my Soundwave Tattoo," one customer testimonial on the company's website reads. "I wanted to do something to show them how much I love them and the Soundwave Tattoo was the perfect way to be able to hear them anytime I want, even if we were apart."

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