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Target Responds To People Who Are Offended Over This Graphic T-Shirt: Get Over It

Target is now under fire after selling a shirt in the women’s section of the store with the word “TROPHY” printed across it.

Some have called the shirt sexist and suggested that it objectifies women. Since the shirt has premiered in stores and online, many outraged customers have taken to social media, Fox 2 News reported.

“Hey Target, I’m in the men’s section and don’t see a Trophy shirt here,” one Twitter user wrote. “Why is that?”

Another Twitter user complained about the variety of titles offered on graphic t-shirts in Target stores.

“Who’s gonna [sic] sell me a shirt that says ‘President,’ ‘Boss,’ ‘Brusque,’ or ‘Brazen?’” One Twitter user wrote. “Not Target, I guess.”

Many have used the hashtag #notatrophy to exhibit their discontent with the merchandise.

A third Twitter user noted that the shirt was displayed in the bridal section of the store as well as the junior’s section.

Other customers have defended Target, arguing that the graphic t-shirt describes them accurately. One Twitter user argued that wearing the t-shirt means their partner has “won” them while another suggested that she was proud to be a trophy.

Since the shirt hit stores, online petitions have popped up across the Internet. One petition asked Target to consider how strong words can be, while another noted that Target merely views women as “things” and wants to profit off of that view.

Target has also displayed shirts with the words “Mrs.” and “This is my backstage pass” on them.

A representative for Target wrote that most customers have responded positively to the shirts. 

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Photo Credit: ABC News, Target Website Screenshot


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