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Target Loses Buzz Because of Anti-Gay Political Donation

More fallout from a donation retail giant Target gave to an anti-gay politician -- it is losing its buzz. A web site called Brandweek devotes itself to gauging the buzz of brand names. Well, over the past month target has lost a third of its brand buzz index.

It all stems from a $150,000 donation Target gave to Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer, who is outspoken against gay rights and trying to pass legislation that would ban gay marriage and gay parenting. He also has ties to a religious group that advocates violence towards gays.

Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel apologized for the donation days later, saying Target has good corporate policies towards gays. But that didn't stop protests and calls for a boycott, as well as, apparently, losing buzz.

Brandweek says the apology didn't help much:

"Although Target’s score recovered modestly from Aug. 12 through Aug. 24, it sunk again due to a rash of major newspaper op-eds, blog posts and publicity surrounding televised boycott ads from MoveOn PAC."


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