Target Employee in Texas Accidentally Shoots Himself After Mistaking a Gun for a Lighter


A Target employee in Texas accidentally shot himself in the hand after he picked up a gun that he thought was a lighter dropped by a customer on their way out of the store.

Police in Hurst, Texas say that a man with a permit to carry a concealed weapon was exiting the store when his small .22 caliber revolver fell out of his pocket. They say the man was not aware that the gun had fallen out.

The Target employee saw the object on the ground and picked it up, thinking it was a lighter made to look like a gun. He tested the trigger to see if it would light and wound up shooting himself in the hand.

He was immediately taken to a local hospital where doctors treated his non-life threatening injury. Luckily, nobody else was injured in the incident.

According to statistics, accidental injury and death by firearms has risen over the years, with a big percentage of incidences occurring with children.


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