Tara Axmaker’s Meth-Fueled High-Speed Chase Caught On Tape (Video)


A video of an Oregon woman’s meth-fueled joyride in a stolen police vehicle was recently released and shows the 23-year-old singing, screaming and taunting police over the radio as she speeds down a highway at more than 120 mph.

Tara Elizabeth Axmaker was high on meth when she stabbed a man in the back at a Molalla home – about 60 miles South of Portland – in the early hours of the morning.

As the deputies searched the crime scene thoroughly, Axmaker managed to climb into one of the responding police cruisers, which she used to take cops on a high-speed chase for over 11 minutes.

Video of the chase was released by Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office to the Oregonian newspaper on Thursday.

The entire joyride, and Axmaker’s expletive-filled commentary, was caught on the patrol car’s video cameras and on police radio.

Nobody was hurt as Axmaker drove into oncoming traffic, ignored stop signs and tried to get away from her pursuers.

Axmaker pleaded guilty on Oct. 15 in Clackamas County Circuit Court and was sentenced to 10 years in prison for first-degree assault, aggravated theft and attempting to elude police.

"We're on a high-speed chase [expletive]," she said as she started driving away.

The incident was similar to a 2010 incident, in which Axmaker, who was also high on meth, stabbed a man in the back.

According to KGW, Kelly Glenn Christensen, the victim, was taken to Legacy Emanuel hospital and treated for a minor wound.

Axmaker pleaded guilty to attempted second-degree assault and was sentenced to four years in prison.

Watch the video in its entirety below:


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