Tanzania Woman Woke Up to Find Would-Be Rapist in Her Room; Stabbed, Killed Him

A suspected rapist who broke into a woman’s house in April was killed when his would-be victim woke up and stabbed him in the head.

Stephen Philbert, 30, allegedly broke a window to get into the woman’s room right around midnight.

The local police chief, Evarist Mangalla, said that before Philbert could rape her, however, she woke up, picked up a knife in self-defense, and stabbed the intruder.

“According to the woman, when he entered into her room, she ran for the knife to defend herself and stabbed him on the head,” Mangalla stated.

Mangalla added that the woman raised an alarm after stabbing Philbert. Neighbors rushed to her rescue; Philbert died on the way to the hospital.

The woman is being held by the police for interrogation.

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Photo Sources: https://www.drew.edu, http://ordinaryimages.aminus3.com


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