Tanya Sydney Confronts Son's Bullies: She's Banned from School


A Minnesota mother who confronted the boys who her son said bullied him is now banned from the boy's school.

The Daily Mail reports that Tanya Sydney accompanied her 10-year-old son to the bus stop after he told her that two boys were hitting him on the bus and at school.

When the bus arrived, she complained to the driver, who told her, "I’m doing the best I can - I can’t be in 50 million places at once," according to CBS Minnesota.

She then got on the bus and yelled at the two boys, telling them to "keep your hands to yourself."

The driver then kicked her off the bus.

Sydney said she later got a letter from the principal at Lake Nokomis Community School in Minneapolis that said not only is she banned from school, she cannot even wait on the bus stop with her son.

Sydney said she didn't want her son to be another statistic.

"There are too many stories of children getting bullied," Sydney said. "I don’t want it to get to the point where he is scared to get on this bus and he can’t be successful."

Sydney is appealing the school's decision.

A school spokesman said, "It is not our protocol to allow parents or other adults to board school buses. Maintaining a safe and secure environment in the school district, including our school buses, is a top priority."


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