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Tank Stops Just Feet From Men Dressed in Suits (Video)

A $5 million Leopard II tank, which weighs 63 tons, braked just a few feet from 23 men wearing suits and black ties, after driving down a road at 45 mph, in a video that has gone viral.

The video (below) has almost 2 million views since being uploaded to YouTube on Monday.

The Daily Mail notes that the video was part of some training films for the Royal Netherlands Army. reports that Leopard II tanks were decommissioned by the Netherlands in 2011 and have been sold to people around the world.

According to theDaily Record, the video was originally posted on a Dutch website, but its authenticity has been questioned.

Some skeptics have claimed this might actually be two videos with the men standing in front of a green screen, which the separate tank footage was edited into.

Sources:, Daily Record, Daily Mail


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