Tania Pontbriand Accused of Sex with Teenage Gym Student

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Nearly a decade after the original incidents, A Quebec courtroom heard graphic details about an alleged sexual relationship between a middle-aged gym teacher and her then-teenage student.

The student's name has not been released because he was a juvenile at the time of the misconduct. He took the stand to testify that, when he was 15, teacher Tania Pontbriand brought along a grape soda to their first sexual liaison so that she could drink from it after performing a sex act on him.

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The victim claims that he and Pontbriand had sex between 200-300 times from 2002 to 2004. At that time, he would have been 15-17 years old. Pontbriand, now 40, vehemently denies any wrongdoing and is pushing the court to drop all charges related to these accusations.

Defense attorneys for the schoolteacher have not called her to testify. Instead, they rigorously cross-examined the now-25-year-old accuser hoping to impeach his account with factual inconsistencies.

During direct questioning, the victim described himself as Pontbriand's "favorite" student at Rosemere High School in Quebec and said Pontbriand used him as a dummy for CPR demonstrations in front of the whole class.

Pontbriand is devastated over the accusations. She said, "I have completely lost my reputation. Everybody knows me. They talk about me in social media around the world. It's saddening when my son asks me if he can go to his friend's house and I tell him, 'not now.' I'm afraid of the parents finding out who I am through the media and they'll stop allowing to let him play with my son at school.

Despite Canada's more lenient age of consent laws, Pontbriand's position of authority means that she was legally unable to have a sexual relationship with any of her teenage students.

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