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Tan Mom Patricia Krentcil Moving to London After Being Banned from Tanning

The mom who captured the attention of media after allegedly insisting her daughter tan with her, is now saying she might move to London, after every tanning salon in the tri-state area has banned her.

Patricia Krentcil is so addicted to tanning that she usually tanned at least 20 times a month. After her six-year-old daughter came to school with a sunburn, and said she got it from “tanning with mom,” tanning salons across America realized how bad her addiction had become.

As she grows paler, Krentcil is planning a way out of the country and into a tanning bed. She thinks London is the answer.

“I was born to tan, and there is nothing like the color that you get from a sunbed,” she told The Sun. “But in the past year I have been banned from tanning salons. Now I have to spend hours covering myself in tanning lotion to get the color I want.”

“It’s freezing cold here in New Jersey during winter so I cannot spend any time sunbathing in my garden. I need to get out of this place so I can regain my freedom and live my life the way I want to. There’s no future for me here.”

Though she tearily admitted that her addiction has caused her family great stress, she doesn’t think she will ever stop tanning.

“From an early age I associated being tanned with being pretty. I would spend hours sunbathing on the beach or in my garden. The darker I got, the prettier I felt,” she said. “There are far more dangerous things you can do in life, like chain-smoking or injecting drugs.”

Currently, Krentcil is waiting to see if the court will charge her with child endangerment, which could result in her being locked up for ten years.

She still insists she never encouraged her daughter to tan, though she did say she let Anna go with her for a “girls day out” when she had a deal for unlimited tanning sessions.

She said her daughter received the burns while she was playing in the garden.

“All I ever wanted to be was a mom and now I am being persecuted for something that I did not do to my child.”



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