Tampa Police Rescue Mother Dog And Her 4 Puppies


Tampa police say they rescued a dog and her four puppies on Monday.

Police told WTVT News that they responded to a 911 call regarding the dogs and found the mother dog on top of a recycle bin. She appeared to be trying to pull a puppy free.

Officers were able to free the puppy from the bin. It was reportedly stuck in a plastic bag. Police also found found three other puppies underneath a nearby shed. 

Tampa Police Department spokeswoman Andrea Davis said it was unclear if one or four puppies had been slipped into the trash. 

“We don’t know if [the mother dog] was successful in getting the other three out of the can and under the shed, but she sure was trying to get that last one out,” Davis told Bay News 9. 

“Either way, it looks like someone threw away at least one puppy and mom dog was in the garbage can trying to get that puppy out,” she told WTVT. 

"Who would throw away a puppy or puppies?” she added. “Obviously that's someone we would want to find.”

Officers interviewed residents in the area where the dogs were found but made no arrests. 

Officials said the puppies were too young for adoption. They were taken to Hillsborough County Animal Services where they will be cared for until they are old enough to find homes, WTSP News reports. 

Sources: WTVT News, Bay News 9, WTSP News

Photo credit: Tampa Police Department via Bay News 9


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