Tallahassee Reaches Six-Figure Settlement With Woman Battered By Cops


A Florida woman who was subjected to extreme force by Tallahassee Police Department officers during an arrest has been awarded $475,000 by city officials.

Christina West was arrested on August 13, 2013 on DUI charges after she crashed her car into an unoccupied home. During the arrest, officers violently slammed West the ground, causing severe and gruesome facial injuries. The slam was captured on dashcam video from a police cruiser, and the video served as key evidence in West's lawsuit.

West sued the city of Tallahassee after it was confirmed she suffered several broken facial bones from the slam, WTSP reports.

Her lawsuit prompted drastic changes in the Tallahassee Police Department, including the firing of the department's former police chief and the implementation of several new policies.

City attorney Lewis Shelley talked about the city’s settlement wish West and the changes brought forth through the case.

"The reality is that this has been an emotional and stressful case for everyone involved including the West family and specifically Ms. West, who was injured during this incident. The dash cam video of her arrest was difficult for all of us to see," said Shelley. "The West case prompted changes in the Police Department, including new policies and procedures and more stringent reviews. We have a new Police Chief, and there is a strong commitment to rebuilding citizen trust."

Sources: WTSP, WCTV


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