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Readers Write: Puppy Mill Dogs, GoDaddy Elephant Hunting

Missouri lawmakers have thumbed their noses at the people and voted to repeal Prop B, sending a hollowed-out measure to the governor for his consideration. In hard-hitting editorials today, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and the Kansas City Star both slammed the legislature for its arrogance. 

Now the fate of Prop B, and of Missouri’s many suffering dogs, rests with Gov. Jay Nixon. Please email and call today at (573) 751-3222, and urge him to veto SB 113. If he were to do anything but veto, it would compound the insult to the people of Missouri and set back a positive advance for animal protection in the Show-Me State.

You’ve had a lot to say on that issue, including on the adoption of a Missouri puppy mill dog named Sebastian to a New York Congressman.

You also had a lot to say about the trophy hunting gambit by the CEO of He claimed he shot an African elephant for humanitarian purposes, and, like me, you saw through Mr. Parsons' obfuscation and excuse-making.

Today, the floor is yours, on the issue of puppy mills:

Just know that many, many of us here in Missouri (especially in the St. Louis area) are outraged over what the legislature has done to Prop B, through this arrogant, unconscionable act which goes directly against the will of Missouri voters. This battle is not over in the slightest...we are putting the "full court press" on Governor Nixon now to veto SB113... –Matteo

Oh wonderful! I live in Puppy Mill Missouri and am ashamed of the efforts to repeal Prop B. I am SO HAPPY Sebastian was rescued and has a forever home. –Debbi

Thank you, Congressman Grimm, for your work on behalf of puppy mill dogs, and your service to our country. Have fun with Sebastian. He looks adorable! –Cindie

This is awesome…I'm very happy to see that a congressman is aware of puppy mill suffering and taking the first steps to do something about it. All my dogs are rescues. Good luck to cute Sebastian. –Yesim

And on GoDaddy’s Bob Parsons killing an African elephant:

As a disabled veteran, I have known and seen true heroes. I have never, ever understood what gratification someone gets from shooting a defenseless animal that has no way to compete with modern guns, technology, and equipment. Yet, these "brave" men puff their chests and boast their "courage" as they point to their trophy on the wall. As I said on my Facebook page, I know what it takes to be a hero or an outstanding person…and Bob Parsons, YOU ain't one of them! Canceling my accounts with you! —Michael

I will be pulling my accounts from GoDaddy as soon as possible. Thank you for alerting us and educating the general public about this and other monstrosities. Keep up the good work. —Deborah

Thank you Wayne for your comments on GoDaddy's Bob Parson's recent elephant killing. As an advocate for all animals, it sickens me each time an animal is killed in the name of sport. Why can't the "sport" be to watch these animals live and thrive in their habitats (which by the way are shrinking rapidly thanks to the encroachment of mankind)? I am sure Mr. Parsons has plenty of resources to support great animal advocate efforts such as the HSUS to protect and preserve the creatures among us. I would encourage him to learn to appreciate and care about the magnificent elephant as well as all animals, rather than tacking their heads up on his office walls. —Amy

Great article and thank you for the information on SCI [Safari Club International]. I am seriously disgusted by the excuse he used to kill such a majestic animal. After returning from our trip to South Africa and being able to see these amazing creatures you realize how important it is that we protect them. —Christina

I'm disgusted by the actions of Bob Parsons and in protest will not use or any related business. I recently viewed an interesting and educational show on PBS about elephants and their extensive family structure. The family group stays together...forever. Elephants can live 60, 70, maybe more years. Bob Parsons did not just kill one elephant. He killed a vital member of the family group. Just like the elephants grieved for their matriarch that died of illness in the show, I'm sure that the elephants grieved for the loss that Parsons inflicted on their family… —Renay


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