Talented Media inspiring Kids!!


A Day to remember

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Feb. 25th was a historic day for Tutt middle school and the CSRA. Media talent from WJBF, WFXGWAGT, WRDW, Augusta Chronicle, Metro Courier, Comcast, and local radio were in attendance. Students and all invited guests were mesmerized by the energetic speeches and antics of all speakers. The program did not focus on one speaker, instead everyone was given an opportunity to speak. No matter who was speaking, the message was the same: Don't let anyone take your dreams away!

Fraendy Clervaud from WJBF got us started with a riveting and motivating speech. Then Jay Jefferies, WAGT forecaster, kept the momentum flowing with his effervescent personality. (I didn't know that Jay was classmates with Arsenio Hall and Steve Harvey.) Then the focus was on the print media, with representatives from the Augusta Chronicle, (Patricia Burton) and Metro Courier (Ken J. Makin). Next, we were treated to the wonderful Helen Blocker Adams and Ben Hasan. Both of these talents are known in all circles as being two of Augusta's best community activists. Helen has her own talk radio show, The Helen Blocker Adams Show, on SonShine 103.7 FM/1600 AM WKZK, and Ben is the host of Comcast's Community Concerns. We finished up the speakers with the most represented station WRDW. Blayne Alexander, Matt Barnes, Ryan Calhoun, and Ashley Jeffery were all in attendance. Melissa Tune and Chris Thomas were also there and said a few words to the crowd.

In addition to the media speakers, the crowd was treated by the talented students and staff of Tutt middle school. The chorus and jazz band chose selections from the Jazz world. The highlight of the night may have belonged to the last performance of the program. Michael Bell, Carl Miller, and Kyle Scheel put on a wonderful display of break dancing that energized the crowd. Even Jay Jefferies couldn't resist the temptation to get up and dance. The crowd also went wild when Carl Miller gave a tribute to Michael Jackson, by dancing to Billie Jean. (Always a crowd pleaser!)

After the program, the participants from the media gather for a group photo to commemorate the event. How else would anyone believe that we got that much talent in one room!! Hats off to the CSRA, we should all be proud of our African-Americans in our local media.

P.S.-For those who stuck around, we were treated to an impromptu jam session with Jay Jefferies on the drums. Jay was jamming to the Cream's Sunshine of your Love while one of Tutt's Bass players provided the backbone.


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